Put Search Keywords Into Ads

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Google sharply discounts your cost per click, when your ad contains the same words people just put into Google search. And you get more clicks — people like their own words. Your ad also shows why your product is better that your competitors for those precise search words. “That’s just what I’m looking for.”

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My method sets up your program so every ad you run shows the actual search words and your product advantages for those specific words. You only runs ads for precise combinations of 2 or 3 words. And you manually set the cost per click for individual search keywords. You’re in total control and you understand everything you do.

How does it work? In the Google Ads program, you build Ad Groups to run ads. Each Ad Group has search words and ads. The Google program ALWAYS runs an ad from the same Ad Group that contains the search words.

  • The standard Google set up dumps many search words into each Ad Group. This standard set up makes it easy for ad agencies to run ads for big corporations with thousands of products and lots of money. When there are many search words in each Ad Group, the ads rarely contain the actual search words and don’t show product advantages for individual search words. Ad agencies don’t know individual product advantages like you do for your business, and they don’t have time to write ads for individual search words.

  • My method makes it easy for small business owners to run economical ads for your limited number of focused products. You only put one set of 2 or 3 search words into each Ad Group. Google dramatically lowers your ad costs, because all your ads show people exactly what they’re looking for — the actual words they just put into Google search and why your product is better than competitors for those precise search words. It’s easy to run ads for other search words the same way, when you know how — and you lower Google Ads costs..