Smart Bids Lower Google Ads Costs

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Google has replaced the column Avg. Ad Position with Impr. TOP % on the Ad Groups report which shows the percentage of ads that show in the TOP Area on Google Search Results Page — a key to smart bids. These changes are described in the Members’ Guide step-by-step instructions and in the new Video “Smart Bids Lower Google Ads Costs” on

Don’t let Google bid for you. Google doesn’t know how much money you make on each product. And Google makes more money on higher Cost Per Click bids. My method sets up your program to avoid repeated Google attempts to hijack your manual bids — so-called Goals, Recommendations, Enhanced CPC and other Bid Optimizations that increase bids for search words that don’t make you money or increase bids higher than you can afford.

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My method gives you total manual control to set the Cost Per Click for individual search words. After your ads run, you see the Cost Per Click that your set manually and the actual position that your ads are running for individual search words. Competition drives bids higher, sometimes too high.

Ads in average position 4 run almost every search and are much less expensive than ads running in higher positions 1, 2 and 3. Bid as high as you can afford. Move your money to search words for products that you know make you money. Manual bids lower Google Ads costs.