Change Big Corporation Ad Settings

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The standard Google Ads settings are designed for ad agencies to run ads for big corporations with thousands of products and lots of money. You have a small number of products and focused search words. You can’t afford to waste 80% of your budget on people who never buy your products. My method sets up your ads so you precisely target your best customers and lower your Google Ads costs dramatically.

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The standard big corporation ad settings destroy your budget three ways:

First Google runs ads to the wrong people — for search words you didn’t choose. Google runs ads for extra search words that the Google computer thinks might be related to your chosen words or your website. Google doesn’t know your customers like you do. You waste money on bad clicks.

Second Google runs expensive ads, because they run too high on Google search pages. Google doesn’t know how much you make on each product — and Google makes more money on higher Cost Per Click bids. Don’t let Google bid for you. So-called Optimizations, Goals, or Recommendations push your bids higher, without applying your business judgement. My method lowers Google Ads costs, because you have total control of costs for individual search words.

Third Standard Google program settings don’t show your specific product advantages for individual search words that people actually put into Google search. Ad agencies don’t have time to run specific ads for thousands of products that they don’t know like you know your products. Every ad you run shows the actual words people just put into search and your unique product advantages for those specific words.

My Members’ Guide shows how to avoid big corporation ad settings to lower Google Ads costs.