Run Low-Cost Google™ Search Ads in 2 Hours

Google Ads Guide  Learn how to run successful ads in two hours. It’s easy to run more ads the same way after you know how. Apply your business judgement to control costs and get more sales $$$. You understand everything you do. One-Year Membership and Guide $59.95 USD.

Personal Google Ads Coaching Speed progress with live one-on-one coaching. We work up ads that target your specific customers — faster and more cost-effective training than general education courses or classes with many students.  One hour $79.95 USD. 30-Minute Bonus > Your first session is 90 minutes to get you up and running fast. Run ads today. Get new customers month after month.

Lower Costs Dramatically   You know which customers make you money.  Run exactly the right ad to each of them. “That’s exactly what I’m looking for.” You don’t waste money running the wrong ads to the wrong people.  Google discounts your ad costs, because you show people what they searched for.

Don’t Let Google Sales People Run Ads for You

Ad agencies and Google sales people use standard program settings, which are designed to run big-budget campaigns for corporations selling thousands of products.  They don’t know your products like you do. And they don’t have time to run custom ads that explain why each product is better than competitors. You end up with a costly mess that you can’t understand, improve or afford.

  • Standard Google settings run ads for extra search words that you didn’t choose… words that the Google computer thinks might be related to your carefully chosen search words or website.  

  • Google runs expensive ads higher on Google search pages than you can afford. They don’t know how much money you make on each product and Google makes more money on high-cost clicks.

  • Standard Google settings run weak, generic ads that are not convincing, because each ad doesn’t show the actual search words or why your specific product is better than competitors. You don’t control who sees your ads or which ad they see.

You can’t afford to spend 80% of your budget running the wrong ads to the wrong people.  It’s faster to run ads with my Method, than to explain your business to ad sales people. Run ads yourself and lower your ad costs dramatically.

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Run Successful Ads Today

One-Year Membership & Guide $59.95 USD

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In two hours, step-by-step instructions show how to set up your first ads.  It’s easy to run more ads the same way, after you know how. Successful ads keep on making money month after month.  Why not get started now? I assure your complete satisfaction with my Instant Money-Back Guarantee. Rich Bruns

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One Hour $79.95 USD — 90 Minutes First Session


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Membership — Everything You Need to Know Membership Instructions show you detailed step-by-step instructions to run successful ads. If you can cook tasty food following recipes or assemble IKEA kits that work, you don’t need coaching. However, many members find coaching cost-effective.

Speed Progress with One-on-One Coaching  We look at your Google Ads program together to set up ads that precisely target your best customers.  It’s easy to schedule a convenient time. I see your computer screen and we talk on the phone.  You make all the moves, so you know how to run ads yourself when we’re done. You can look up everything we do in Member Instructions.

Getting Started  When you sign up for Membership, I offer an extra 30 minutes free at the end of our first coaching session, so we have 90 minutes to get you up and running.  Then you know how to run more ads the same way yourself.

Earn While You Learn In 90 minutes, you actually run ads focused on your business, unlike expensive, time-consuming courses that teach theory to a class of students. Your investment pays back quickly, many times over, month after month.

After Your Ads Run  Customers find that a review session is very worthwhile. Print out the check list of CheckPoints below, which make it easy to make sure you set up your ads properly.

Private Tutoring  You may prefer to do everything together in multiple coaching sessions.

Are you a Webmaster or a Marketing Consultant?   You can run successful ads for your clients, because you know their business.  Google Ads expertise is a valuable skill to offer.

Do you own a large business?   We work together to set up your campaign.  You make a list of search words with a sales pitch for each product.  I’ll write first-draft ads and create Ad Groups in the proper format. You edit the final ads and set bids for each product Ad Group.  You know how much each customer is worth to your business. You always run your own ads. Now you have a cost-effective campaign that’s easy to manage yourself.

CheckPoints 4911Wx705H 00.jpg

Correct Settings for Google Search Ads

The Rich Bruns Method ℠

Make sure that your ads are set up properly.

Print Out This CheckPoints Summary to Use as a CheckList

Review CheckPoints regularly.  Google may change your settings without asking — this increases costs and distorts data which must be accurate to Tune Bids and Test Ads with scientific precision.

  • Sign into Members. Then run your Google Ads program in a separate computer window, so you can toggle between Member Instructions and the Google Ads program.

  • CheckPoints are numbered sequentially in Member Instructions as you move forward in the Google Ads program. Both have the same menus: for example, Campaign > Settings > Networks

  • CheckPoints in Member Instructions show how to select each setting with Step-by-Step instructions and Strategies that explain why each setting works. Your Membership is your best friend.

CheckPoints 4911Wx705H 01.jpg

Your Campaign > Settings > Goals

Select: No Goal Selected. Don’t let Google bid for you.

CheckPoints 4911Wx705H 02.jpg

Your Campaign > Settings > Networks

Select: Google Search Network, only. NOT Google search partners or Display Network.

CheckPoints 4911Wx705H 03jpg.jpg

YourCampaign > Settings > Locations

Your selected target locations are colored purple in Advanced Locations.

CheckPoints 4911Wx705H 04.jpg

YourCampaign > Settings > Locations

> Location options

Select: People in or regularly in your targeted locations.

CheckPoints 4911Wx705H 05.jpg

YourCampaign > Settings > Languages

Select: English, only.

CheckPoints 4911Wx705H 06.jpg

YourCampaign > Settings > Budget

WARNING! This is not a Daily Limit .. The monthly maximum you might pay = Daily Budget x 30

CheckPoints 4911Wx705H 07.jpg

YourCampaign > Settings > Budget

October 1, 2019 — Google removes Accelerated Delivery

Check regularly. Your actual Daily spend in the Ad Groups Report must be less than than the Daily Budget that you selected in Settings, so ads run every time to execute your bid strategy with scientific precision. You can either increase your Daily Budget in Settings or lower your Ad Group Cost Per Click bids to avoid actually spending as much as your daily budget.

CheckPoints 4911Wx705H 08.jpg

YourCampaign > Settings > Bidding

Select: Manual CPC. NOT Enhanced CPC or Optimizations. Don’t let Google bid for you without asking.

CheckPoints 4911Wx705H 09.jpg

Your Campaign > Settings > Additional settings

> Ad rotation

Select: Rotate ads indefinitely. Don’t select Conversions or Dynamic search ads.

CheckPoints 4911Wx705H 10.jpg

YourCampaign > Ad Groups > Ad Group Name

Enter Ad Group Name = 2 or 3 words that form the only search Keywords that you put into this Ad Group.

CheckPoints 4911Wx705H 11.jpg

YourCampaign > Ad Groups > Three Match Types

Only put Broad Match Modified (+ in front of each word), “Phrase Match”, and [Exact Match] keywords into each Ad Group. DON’T put Broad Match keywords into Ad Groups (no punctuation). Causes confusion: Broad Match Modified is different than Broad Match.

CheckPoints 4911Wx705H 12.jpg

YourCampaign > Ad Groups > Ad Text

Put all keywords once into Headline 1 or 2 and again into URL Path.

CheckPoints 4911Wx705H 13.jpg

YourCampaign > Ad Groups > Bid

Bid the Ad Group, only. NOT individual keywords.

CheckPoints 4911Wx705H 14.jpg

YourCampaign > Ad Groups > Tune Bids

September 30, 2019 > Google removes Avg. Ad Position

Add Impr. TOP % column in your Ad Group Report to replace Avg. Ad Pos Go to YourCampaign > Ad Groups > then click COLUMNS at mid-page > Modify Columns > Performance > Click Impr.TOP% to add it, then go to the right area to move it up next to your Max CPC column - before you leave that page, enter custom name for this column set up and click Save. Bid each Ad Group high enough to get Impr.TOP % = 50% or higher if you can afford it, so your ads run for most searches.

CheckPoints 4911Wx705H 15.jpg

YourCampaign > Ads and Extensions > Test Ads

Only run one ad inside each Ad Group. To test new ad concepts, run a second test ad at least 200 times inside an Ad Group that runs often to get results sooner. Then, migrate winning concepts to other Ad Groups.