Get Customers Who Are Looking for Your Products on Google Search

It Pays to Run Ads Yourself

Don't let AdWords sales people set up your ads for you. They don't know your customers like you do. They use settings designed to run big-budget corporate ads. This makes it easy for them to run ads, but it costs you a lot more money. They run high-priced ads to everyone, everywhere at the top of Google Search. You end up with an expensive mess that you can't understand, improve or afford.

GamePlan dramatically lowers costs, because you know your business. You know which customers make you money. You know words they put into Google Search. And you know sales pitches that your best customers like to hear before they buy.

GamePlan Makes It Easy

In only two hours, this GamePlan website shows you how to precisely target customers that you know will make you money month after month.

You run the right ads to the right customers.

  • You pay Google less for ads.
  • You don't pay for ads to the wrong people.
  • It's easy to tune bids and test ads scientifically. 

Win customers away from competitors who don't know how to play the AdWords advertising game.

Demo - See How GamePlan Works

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How GamePlan Works

Look at 4 Step Demo Pages

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Step 1 - Settings

Select 8 Settings to Control Where Ads Run and Limit Daily Budget -- 30 Minutes

Step 2 - Ad Groups

Tightly Control Who Sees Each Ad and How Much You Pay

Build Your First Ad Group -- 60 Minutes

Build Each New Ad Group the Same Way --10 Minutes

Step 3 - Tune Bids

Lower Ad Costs and Run Ads More Often -- 15 Minutes to adjust all bids scientifically.

Step 4 - Test Ads

Get the Customers You Want with Simple A/B testing -- 10 Minutes to test a new ad.

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Build a Simple Campaign That Makes You Money

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How to Play the AdWords Advertising Game

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