Run AdWords Ads Yourself

You only make money with AdWords when you precisely target your best customers. It's faster to run ads yourself, than to explain your business to ad sales people.

  • Google discounts your ads, since you show people what they're looking for.

  • You don't pay for expensive ads to the wrong people or costly agency fees.

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See how the AdWords GamePlan system makes you money, step-by-step. Click the buttons below for Settings, Ad Groups, Tune Bids and Test Ads.

Target Your Best Customers

You know your customers. GamePlan shows how to precisely target the customers you want in 4 easy steps.

Avoid costly settings designed to run big-budget corporate ad campaigns.

Run successful ads in 2 hours. Lower AdWords costs dramatically.

Sign up for Membership to see Step-by-Step instructions and Strategies listed below and listed at the bottom of Settings, Ad Groups, Tune Bids and Test Ads demo pages. Click on Membership button to learn more.

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How to Play the AdWords Advertising Game

... A quick walk-through GamePlan.

3 minutes

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Build a Simple Campaign That Makes You Money

... GamePlan makes it easy, because you understand what you're doing.