Run successful ads in 2 hours that make you money, month after month. GamePlan shows 20 ways to lower AdWords costs dramatically with simple, step-by-step instructions.

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It Pays to Run Ads Yourself

  • You know which customers make you money.
  • You know words they put into Google Search.
  • And you know sales pitches they like to hear.

It's faster to run ads yourself, than to explain your business to ad sales people. You only make money with AdWords when you precisely target your best customers.

  • You pay Google less for ads.
  • You don't pay for ads to the wrong people.
  • It's easy to tune bids and test ads scientifically.

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How GamePlan Works

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Run Ads in 2 Hours

Get Customers Month after Month

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8 Critical Settings

for Small Business Owners

30 minutes

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Run the Right Ads

To Your Best Customers

30 minutes for first group

10 minutes for new groups

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Run Ads More Often

Lower Costs Dramatically

15 minutes

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Compare Sales Pitches

With Scientific Precision

10 minutes

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How to Play the AdWords Advertising Game

... A quick walk-through GamePlan

3 minutes

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Build a Simple Campaign That Makes You Money

... GamePlan makes it easy, because you understand what you're doing.