Get Customers on Google™ Search

Who Are Ready to Buy


Cost-Effective Advertising for Your Business

I’ve helped hundreds of business owners set up successful ads themselves on Google search. My method makes it easy to precisely target your best customers and lower ad costs dramatically.

Success Depends on Running Ads Yourself

Ad agencies don’t know your customers like you do. They can’t run cost-effective ads for you.

  • Lower Ad Costs Dramatically   You know which customers make you money, so you don’t waste money running ads to the wrong people. My method shows how to get a big Google discount, because your ads show people what they’re looking for.

  • Run Successful Ads in 2 Hours   You can write better ads than ad agencies, because you know why customers buy your products. It takes less time to run ads yourself, than to explain your business to Google sales people.

Change Settings Designed for Big Corporations

The Google Ads program is set up to run expensive ads at the top of Google search pages for big-budget corporations. This makes it easy for Google sales people to run generic ads to everyone, everywhere, but it devastates your budget. You can’t afford to waste 80% of your money running ads vaguely related to your products to the wrong people.

5-Minute Video Explains Method

Target your best customers in four easy steps: Settings > Ad Groups > Tune Bids > Test Ads.

Click the Members button to sign up for step-by-step instructions. Your subscription keeps you up-to-date with changes in the Google Ads program.

Members can also schedule Coaching. We look at your Google Ads program together to set up ads and review them. Click the Coaching button to learn more.

Subscribe to a One-Year Membership for $59.95 USD and follow the simple, step-by-step instructions. These Member Instructions tell you everything you need to know. I post alerts for changes in the Google Ads program when they may affect your ads.

As a Member, you can also schedule one or more coaching sessions for $79.95 per hour. Customers find our coaching sessions very cost-effective.

  • We follow the Member Instructions for Settings > Ad Groups > Tune Bids > Test Ads and talk about your business. You decide what’s best and make all the changes, so you know how to run ads yourself when we’re done. You can look up anything we do in the Member Instructions.

  • Getting Started When you sign up for Membership, I offer an extra 30 minutes free at the end of our first coaching session, so we have 90 minutes to get you up and running. Then, you know how to run more ads the same way yourself.

  • Review Ads After your ads run, follow Member Instructions to Tune Bids and Test Ads based on actual ad performance. You’ll find a campaign review coaching session very worthwhile.

Your Business Is Unique

  • Coaching Is Optional I explain my method completely in the step-by-step Membership Instructions, so many Members run successful ads without coaching.

  • Some Members schedule one coaching session to get up and running faster. Some schedule a review session after the ads run.

  • Private Tutoring Some Members prefer to do everything together and schedule multiple coaching sessions.

  • I work with Webmasters and Marketing Consultants who run successful ads, because they know the owner’s business.

  • Do you own a large business? We set up your campaign Settings together. Then, work up a list of words that your best customers put into Google search and why they buy your product, instead of competitors. I’ll write ads in the proper format to create a separate Ad Group for each set of search words. You edit the final ad text and set the bid for each Ad Group. You know how much each customer is worth to your business. After the ads run, we Tune Bids and Test Ads that need improvement. Now, you have a campaign that’s cost-effective and easy to manage yourself.

I’ll work with you the way you want. Rich Bruns