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I Ran Successful Google Ads

in 2 Hours with Rich’s Method

I get customers at a fraction of the cost that I paid for ads that Google sales people set up.


Run your first ads in two hours. It’s easy to run more ads the same way after you know how. My Method applies your business judgement to control costs and get more sales $$$. Your ads keep on making money month after month.

As a small business owner, you simply can’t make money with Google Ads, if you don’t run the ads yourself. Ad agencies don’t know three critical facts — (1) how to choose the specific search words that make you money — (2) how much to pay for search words — (3) how to write the best ad for different search words. You go broke paying for the wrong ads to the wrong people and pay a costly agency fee. I can show you how to set up your ads to precisely target your paying customers, but you’ll have to write the ads yourself, because only you know your customers. Rich Bruns

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Lower Costs Dramatically   You know which customers make you money.  My Method sets up your ads so you run exactly the right ad to each of them. “That’s exactly what I’m looking for.” You don’t waste money running the wrong ads to the wrong people.  Google sharply discounts your ad costs, because you show people what they searched for. Simple instructions make it easy.

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Private 1-on-1 Coaching

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You must first buy the Members’ Guide for $59.95, so you can look up everything we do in our Coaching session. We look at your Google Ads program together to set up ads that precisely target your best customers. I see your computer screen and we talk on the phone or Skype. You make all the moves, so you know how to run ads yourself when we’re done.

  • It’s easy to schedule a convenient time.

  • Better than general education courses or classes with many students.

  • Schedule as many sessions as you want. Much cheaper than hiring an ad agency.

I highly recommend scheduling the 90-Minute Coaching deal for $79.95, so I can get you up and running. The $59.95 Members’ Guide shows the complete set up, but it’s a lot easier if I explain it to you in a couching session first.

We’ll set up Campaign Settings and make one Ad Group together, so you know how to make more the same way on your own.

Please let me help you get through Google’s confusing and constantly changing obstacle course that you see when you start your first campaign. My Members’ Guide shows the Google Ads interface that you see after you complete these confusing sign up steps.

Why It Pays to Run Ads Yourself

Don’t Let Google Sales People Run Ads for You Ad agencies and Google sales people use standard program settings, which are designed to run big-budget campaigns for corporations selling thousands of products.  They don’t know your products like you do. And they don’t have time to run custom ads that explain why each product is better than competitors. You end up with a costly mess that you can’t understand, improve or afford.

  • Standard Google settings run ads for extra search words that you didn’t choose… words that the Google computer thinks might be related to your carefully chosen search words or website … Google makes money on clicks for the wrong words, but you pay for it.

  • Google runs expensive ads higher on Google search pages that cost too much for some products. They don’t know how much money you make on each product … Google makes more money on high-cost clicks, but you pay for it.

  • Standard Google settings run weak, generic ads that are not convincing, because each ad doesn’t show the actual search words or why your specific product is better than competitors. You don’t control who sees your ads or which ad they see … You can’t afford to spend 80% of your budget running the wrong ads to the wrong people.  

  • It’s faster to run ads with my Method, than to explain your business to ad sales people. Run ads yourself and lower your ad costs dramatically.

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