Here's What Customers Say



We have tried numerous SEO companies over the years and had always been lied to. So when we saw your AD we were very skeptical. We then figured how can we loose with such a great price. We were shocked that Rich's approach to Google Ad Words was so different than any other SEO company had ever presented to us in the past. So decided to dive in and fully read his instructions and implement his program. It is was so simple! Once everything was set up and running we talked with Rich to go over our progress. Rich confirmed we were on the right track. He was very positive and answered all of our questions. The long story made short is we cut our cost per click by over 60% and we tripled the amount of visitors to our site! Needless to say our business is doing great! Thank you Rich!

Nicholas Trieger

Catholic Gift Centre LLC"

"MY GOSH. I've spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out Google Ad Words. In two hours of telephone consultation Rich helped me create a campaign that has cost $75 in one week, compared to the pitiful ones I did that cost $175 in a week. As we developed my ad he caught pitfalls along the way that would hurt my campaign and there were quite a few! I think at least 5 - 6. I already have a customer from our campaign because they used some of the terminology in the ad Rich helped me develop. I highly recommend using this business. Don't go in the forest alone, have a guide!!!!"    Layne S.

"Before working with Rich Bruns, our newly established law practice was struggling to attract clients. We tried advertising and even mail-outs without success. Our webpage scored scored hardly any hits.

Since working with Rich, we have been fully booked, and things show no sign of slowing down.  Rich has mastered Adwords' every nuance, and has got our costs down to roughly $1.50 (AUD) per click - and our ad is usually the 3rd or 4th highest ranking.  I have never heard of an advertising campaign being so effective and yet so cheap!  I cannot recommend his service more."

Patrick Walker & Co, Solicitors, Melbourne.

"Hi Rich:

I'm using your adwords precise method and it's working really well.  My CPC (cost per click) has gone down (thank God) and my new campaign is, of course, working far better than the ones before.  Also, I have a much better understanding of what I'm doing (it's so much simpler and manageable).  Thanks so much and I would (and have) recommended you to everyone. 

Rick Morris"

"I restarted my mobile tutoring business eight months ago. I tried a few 'old school' advertising methods but nothing seemed to be drawing the students I needed, and NOBODY was visiting my great web site. 

Since using Rich's AdWords Game Plan, I have been getting quality matches with appropriate clients within my geographical sphere, and business is great! My ads are showing on the first page of Google search results, and my costs are low.

This system is easy to use and has helped me keep my advertising expenses down. Rich even showed me how I could suspend my ad campaign when I had all the clients I could manage, so I never had to pay for ads when I didn't need them.

I strongly recommend any small business owner give the AdWords GamePlan a try!"

Caitlin Bruns, Melbourne, Australia

"Hi Rich, Just wanted to drop you a note expressing our appreciation for the awesome help you have given us with our adwords campaign. We're now getting better results for less cost. You've also made it easier to manage. Much Thanks, Chuck"

"Hi, Rich. I wanted to send a follow up email to say thanks for really helping me with my Google AdWords PPC campaign.  

After our first phone call, I made all the changes and additions you mentioned, and within 24 hours I was already getting better quality clicks and customers which I know for a fact are directly related to the changes we made together!  You make it very simple and easy to understand everything within my PPC campaign and I'm extremely confident that I can use the skills you taught me to really ramp up my business through AdWords search results. 

Your PlayBook is the best and most thorough AdWords training I've found to date, but the hands on coaching was really the cornerstone of helping me get better results faster.

 Again, thank you for helping grow my business even more!  I'll continue to be in touch as Google continues to tweak their systems.  Thanks and regards, B. E. Jr."

"Rich, I wanted to thank you for the the very informative session we had today.  We are starting to rework the campaign now.  We will get this started and in a couple weeks I look forward to reviewing our progress with you.  In the meantime, I just wanted to let you know your presentation and knowledge was appreciated.  Over the years, I've had many occasions to use consultants and have to say your ability to convey ideas is outstanding.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to another meeting in the immediate future. Sincerely yours,  T. W."

"Hi Rich, I just wanted to say Thank You for another excellent AdWords training evening. Every time we speak, I always learn additional tips and tricks that will bring more customers to my client's website.  Since we began this site over two years ago, it has gone from non-existent to nearly 60 new customers every day.  Now with the latest improvements suggested from last night's meeting, I can easily see this number double or even triple in the next month or so.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to our next online meeting!  Take care. Joe"

"Good afternoon Mr. Bruns --- hope all is well.  I wanted to take a couple minutes to personally thank you for your professionalism, expert advice on Google AdWords and down to earth approach.  I am very thankful to have found you for trhe One on One Coaching for AdWords as I can only imagine how much longer it would have taken to learn what you taught me in short period of time.  

I also sincerely appreciate the personal follow-ups and it is refreshing to work with the same individual from start to finish.  Looking forward to our next review and updates.

Have a good day.  Tim"

"Rich, Hey how is it going?  Wanted to let you know that the recipe and conference call has really helped my business in receiving leads. I then have converted a bunch of those leads into customers.  I highly recommend your recipe to any business owner looking to tap into the power of the internet.  What I can guarantee is you will get targeted leads. Thank you and much success.  Carlos P."

"In just 30 days, Rich helped me increase my traffic 10 fold!  Far better than any of the multiple SEO groups I've used in the past!"

"Thank you Rich for giving me a massive shortcut into the work I knew I was going to have to do to get adwords up and running.  You clearly know your stuff and I have already converted some business due to the ads you helped me set up!  

I would certainly recommend anyone new to adwords to get your help in cutting through the mass of information out there and getting to the crux of getting a return on your advertising investment in a short amount of time." 

"Google doesn't make it easy, but Rich's Recipe does.  There were so many terms and ideas I couldn't understand that my company was about to abandon the whole idea -- but Rich made them all clear.  Now we're on the road to success."

"Rich Bruns' "Google Ads Recipe" not only cleared up my questions about what all of those Google terms meant, but Rich also gave me great ideas that have turned my advertising campaign from a disaster level to a very profitable one."