Don't Let Google Run Ads for You

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You’re smarter than Google. You know your customers better than Google. My Members’ Guide helps you target your best customers so you don’t pay for clicks from the wrong people.

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The standard Google ad settings are designed for ad agencies to run ads for big corporations with thousands of products and lots of money. Ad agencies don’t have time to write ads that show advantages for individual products. Ads run for many search words that are not your customers. Expensive ads run too high on Google search, because Google doesn’t know how much you make on each product. You end up with an expensive mess that you can’t understand, improve or afford.

My method sets up your ads, so you’re in total control. You manually set the cost per click for individual search words that you choose carefully. Your ads always show the actual words people just put into search and specific product advantages for those words. Run ads yourself with my Members’ Guide and you lower ad costs dramatically.