Only Run Ads for Precise Search Words

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Carefully choose search keywords to run ads when people put words into Google search. Don’t pay for clicks from the wrong people. My method sets up your program so you only run ads when people put your carefully chosen words into Google search.

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If you don’t change the standard Google program settings, Google runs ads for many search words that you didn’t choose — words that the Google computer thinks might be related to your chosen words or website. These so-called Broad Match Keywords destroy your budget, because they run ads to the wrong people. The Google computer doesn’t know your customers like you do.

You know the words that your best customers put into Google search to find your products. Ask yourself this one simple question: “Am I willing to pay for clicks when someone puts these 2 or 3 precise words into Google search?” Don’t worry about word order and there may be other additional words — my method takes care of that. And, don’t worry exactly how much you pay yet — you decide that after your ads run when you see how much competitors bid and calculate how much money you make on each sale.

It’s easy to set up ads for more search words the same way, after you know how. Choose the right search words and you lower Google Ads costs dramatically.