Write Ads to Avoid Bad Clicks

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Sometimes, even carefully chosen search keywords also run ads to people who would never buy your product. Write ads to attract your desired customers that also discourage bad clicks that waste your money.

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First, carefully choose search keywords, to avoid clicks from non-buyers. Ask yourself, “Am I willing to pay for clicks from people who put these 2 or 3 words into Google search. My method makes sure you don’t run ads to words that you don’t choose. However, even carefully chosen search keywords run ads to the wrong people who would never buy your product.

Write your ads so you discourage clicks who are just looking for a “free-be.” Show a price in the ad, or say “free quote.” Good customers will click on the ad to get a good deal for a valuable product. I recently put the prices for my Members’ Guide and Coaching in my ads. I offer very cost-effective products, so why not show that advantage in my ads? I got fewer clicks, so my costs lowered — people who just wanted free information stopped clicking. Then, I moved the money I saved into my best Ad Groups so my ads ran more often higher on the page. My sales increased for the same budget I had before I put prices in my ads.

Clarify what you offer. Someone looking for an exterior house painter won’t click on your ad, when you ad show you only paint house interiors. Write ads to avoid bad clicks to lower Google Ads costs.