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Coaching Speeds Progress

Works worldwide.  We talk on the phone as we look at your Google Ads program running on your computer. I see what you see.

We set up your Google Search Ads program and discuss strategies for your business. Decide what works best for you. You make all the moves, so you know how to run successful ads yourself.

No homework required. We follow the step-by-step instructions found in the Members Area: Settings > Ad Groups > Tune Bids > Test Ads, so you have them for reference for everything we do.


  One Hour  $ 79.95  USD

 Most Credit Cards and PayPal

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You must be a Member to schedule coaching sessions. Click Membership button for sign up instructions.

How to Schedule Coaching

  • Click Hi Your Name on the Menu at top of any page

  • Click Enter Membership Area.

  • Click Coaching button inside the Membership Area.

On the Membership Coaching Page

  • Don’t pay until we finish our session.

  • Click Schedule Coaching button.

  • You'll see available times shown in your own time zone.

  • Pick a convenient time.

  • Enter phone number that you want me to call for our session.

  • You get Meeting Confirmation and Reminder emails.

  • No homework required.

I'll Call You to Start the Session  

  • To save time, have your Google Ads program running.

  • If you have no Google Ads account, follow Member Instructions in Settings > No Google Ads Account? How to Sign Up. I can help you set up a new account, but this takes 30 minutes and you can do this yourself.

Pay for Coaching When Our Session Ends

  • Click Hi Your Name on Menu at top of any website page

  • Click Enter Membership Area.

  • Click Coaching button inside the Membership Area.

  • Click Buy Now Button to pay for each hour.

    • Most Credit Cards and PayPal

    • You'll receive an email receipt.

I look forward to working with you soon -- Rich Bruns