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  • Run successful ads in 2 hours
  • Lower costs dramatically
  • Get customers month after month
  • Members can schedule coaching

GamePlan Membership

One Year $59.95 USD

  • Keeps you up-to-date with AdWords
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Payable in most currencies

Sign up as a Member and enter the Membership Area.  You'll see detailed, step-by-step instructions for all the Member Topics that you see at the bottom of each page in this demo.


Click Member Sign In

  • On the Menu at top of page.
  • Then, click Not a Member? Sign Up at the bottom of green Sign In page.
  • You can pay with most credit cards in most currencies.
  • Provide your email address as log in user name and your password.

After You Complete Payment

  • YOU MUST REPLY TO AN EMAIL that you will receive to confirm that your Log In email address is correct.
  • Your Membership will not be activated until you reply to this email.  Please check your spam, if you don't see the email in your in box.
  • AFTER YOU REPLY, your Membership is activated in minutes. Membership software needs to confirm your email address, in case you forget your Log In password. They will email your password to your GamePlan Member Log In email address, when you say you forgot your password.

How to Enter Membership Area

  • Click Hi Your Name on menu at top of any GamePlan page
  • Click Enter Membership Area.

SHORTCUT   After you click Hi Your Name and before you click Enter Membership Area, select "Stay Logged In" so you don't need to enter your password again on the same computer.

Email me at richbruns@richbruns.com if you have difficulty.