September 30, 2019 > Google removes Avg. Ad Position

Google added the new Impr. TOP % performance metric to replace Avg. Ad Position. Go to Ad Groups > Columns > Performance > Impr. TOP % to replace Avg Ad Pos column in Ad Group Report.

The TOP Area on the Google Search Results Page is located below Google Product Ads and other information and above organic search websites.

  • Bid each Ad Group high enough to get Impr.TOP % = 50% or higher if you can afford it, so your ads run for most searches.

  • Keep your daily spend below the Daily Budget you set in Settings, so Google always runs your ads to execute your bid strategy with scientific precision.

  • Ad Position 4 is the best dollar deal, because it costs much less than Ad Positions 1, 2 and 3 and your ads run for most searches. 

  • If only 10% of your ads run in the TOP area, your ads are running for very few searches, because most your ads drop below the bottom Ad Position 7 and are not shown.

  • If less than 50% of your ads are running in the TOP Area, small bid increases will dramatically increase the number of searches that your ads run.

  • If you decide to increase Bids to get more than 50% of your ads running in TOP Area, understand that you’re paying a premium.

These changes are described in the Members’ Guide step-by-step instructions and in the new Video “Smart Bids Lower Google Ads Costs” on