How Much Should I Bid for Cell Phone Ads on Google Search?

When someone puts words into Google search, AdWords determines if the searcher is on a computer, tablet or cell phone. Today, half of searches are on cell phones. Do you want to pay for ads for cell phones?  

If your website doesn’t work on small cell phone screens, sending these people to your website wastes your budget. If you don’t change device settings, Google runs ads to all devices by default.

  • Even “responsive websites” like Squarespace may not show your content well on cell phones, so check it out.
  • You could build a separate website and campaign just for cell phones, but this is very costly and very time-consuming.
  • You could put an explanation up front on your website that your website is best-viewed on a full computer screen -- or link to a YouTube video that looks good on cell phones.

When you click on +AD to create a new ad, you can choose a “Call-only ad” that only allows people to click on your telephone number. They cannot click to your website. You must have a solid telephone answering system for this to be effective. And you’ll get unqualified prospects, since they don’t see your website.

Here’s how to bid, if your website shows properly on cell phones or NOT.

  • Change bids in Campaign Settings > Devices -- don’t change device bids within Ad Groups -- this distorts your reports and vastly complicates your work. You can safely assume that all your precise Ad Groups will track the same for bidding purposes.
  • Within your campaign, click Settings > Devices. You can adjust bids separately for cell, tablets and computers.
  • Since cell phones don’t show as many ads on the screen, you may want to bid slightly higher, if it’s worth the money.
  • You decide what makes sense for your business :)  Rich