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Tune Bids in 15 Minutes

Precise Ad Groups make it easy to Tune Bids scientifically. GamePlan shows you how to see the average position that your ads are running on Google Search for each Ad Group. 

Run Ads More Often

  • Bid Up to Average Ad Position 4, so your ads run more often -- it usually doesn't cost much to move up from these lower positions.

Lower Ad Costs Dramatically

  • Bids Above Average Ad Position 4 are often too expensive. Bid what each customer is worth.

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Welcome Member -- These Tune Bid Topics show how to run ads more often with much lower costs. See step-by-step instructions and strategies. SettingsAd GroupsGamePlan & Test Ads also have Member Topics at the bottom of their pages.

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Enter Smart Bids in One Simple Report

... Apply Your Business Judgement

15 minutes


Click Campaigns > Campaigns > Your Campaign > Ad Groups

  • You're looking at the Ad Groups page.
  • The bottom of the page shows actual results. Each row is an Ad Group.
  • You select which results you want to see in the top of the page. 

See the Avg. Positions when the current bids were in effect.

  • Click on the Date Range box in the upper right. Then Select Custom. Set the Starting Date to the last day you changed Bids. The End Date is today.
  • Write down today's date, so you know when you changed Bids for the next time you Tune Bids.

Bid on PRECISE words that people put into Google search.

  • The Ad Group column shows the Ad Group Name. We name PRECISE Ad Groups to show the specific words people put into their Google search box before they saw your ad.
  • The Avg. Pos. column shows the Average Ad Position from the top of search results pages that your ad ran during the date range.
  • Your Bid. The Default Max CPC is the highest Cost Per Click you'll pay.

Before you leave this page

Make all your bid changes

  • Click on Ad Groups at the top of the Ad Groups column to sort. This groups all Ad Groups together that have the same Keywords + PRECISE/BROAD/CITY together, so you don't bid against yourself --- see the next Topic - Don't Bid Against Yourself.
  • Move down the list of Ad Groups, one-by-one, until you finish. Otherwise, you won't remember if you already changed each bid today.
  • Try to Bid Ad Groups up to Avg. Ad Position 4, you can afford it, so you ads run often.
  • Bid higher than Avg. Ad Position 4, if it's worth your money.

Before you leave the page

Complete the next topic -- Don't Bid Against Yourself.

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Don't Bid Against Yourself

... Force AdWords to Run the Ad You Want

5 minutes


Don't Leave the Ad Groups Page 

You already Tuned Bids for all Ad Groups to run at Avg. Ad Position 4, if that made sense for your business. Next, you may need to change bids for Ad Groups that contain the same basic Keywords.

You already clicked on Ad Groups at the top of Ad Groups column to sort so that all Ad Groups containing the same basic Keywords are grouped on rows next to each other. For example, these Ad Groups all have the same two basic Keywords Word8 Word9:

BID   $$$$$    Word8 Word9 CityName PRECISE

BID   $$$$      Word8 Word9 PRECISE

---- Bid All PRECISE Ad Groups Higher Than All  BROAD Ad Groups ----

BID   $$         Word8 Word9 BROAD

Bid Keywords + CityName PRECISE Ad Groups

HIGHER than Keywords PRECISE Ad Groups

  • Why?  If you bid the CityName Ad Group lower, Google takes the higher bid and runs the ad with the basic keywords, only -- without the city name -- to people who searched for Word8 and Word9 for that specific CityName.
  • It's worth the small effort it takes to do this correctly.


HIGHER than All BROAD Ad Groups

  • Otherwise, Google will take the higher bid and run the generic ad in your BROAD Ad Groups, instead of your PRECISE Ad Groups ads.
  • This defeats the whole idea of PRECISE Ad Groups and people seeing the same words in your ads they put into Google search along with your customized Sales Pitch for those specific words.
  • Click on Default Max. CPC at the top of column to sort by Bids.
  • Make sure all Broad Ad Groups have the lowest bids. 
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Is Google Running Your Ads Every Time?

... Check These Two Items

5 minutes


AdWords stops running your ads mid-day, when click costs exceed the daily budget limit that you set in 1-Settings. You won't know it unless you monitor daily costs.

  • Click Campaigns > Campaigns > Your Campaign > Ad Groups
  • Click on the icon at center of page to show a graph.

  • Select Cost as a metric that shows daily costs.

  • When Cost = Daily Budget in Settings, Google doesn't run ads every time someone puts your Keywords into search.

  • This distorts how many people are actually searching for your product.

  • You carefully chose PRECISE Keywords, which has already dramatically limited how many time s your ads run. You want ads to run, whenever put your words into search.

Google may not run ads every time, because they think you "might" run out of budget later in the day. Double check that Settings > Delivery Method is set to Accelerated -- NOT the default Standard: Optimize delivery of ads, spending budget evenly over time. You must have Selected "All Features" as the first Campaign Setting to see this option.

You can increase your daily budget limit in Settings. Or decrease bids. Or Pause Ad Groups.

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Run Ads at Average Ad Position 4

... These Ads Cost Much Less and Run Almost Every Search


AdWords runs 7 ads on Google search results. If your ads run on Average Ad Position 4 from the top of search results, half of your ads are running above Ad Position 4 and half below Ad Position 4. They run for most Google searches. 

If your ads run BELOW Average Ad Position 4, they start falling off the first page of Google search and run less often. Only 10% of searchers go to page 2 of search results. It usually doesn't cost much to move your ads up to Ad Position 4, so you run ads often at low cost. If bids are too high for Ad Position 4, bid as much as you think those words are worth for your business.

Ads above Ad Position 4 are usually extremely expensive, because big corporation bid high to get the top positions above their big business competitors for brand image. They have big budgets.

You may decide it's worth bidding for Ad Positions above 4. Put your money where it counts most!

Google research shows that top positions get a few more clicks -- However, Google also found that after someone clicks on an ad, the same percentage of clickers actually bought product on Websites, no matter what position the ad ran. With only 7 ads showing, most searchers will see your ad which has their own search words and your custom Sales Pitch for those words. Your ad will catch their attention even at lower positions.

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Do NOT Bid on Individual Keywords -- Only Bid on Ad Groups

... Keep It Simple and Accurate -- Word Order Not Critical


Our PRECISE Ad Groups each contain only one combination of words, but each Ad Group has three separate Keywords. These three Keywords represent different ways people put those same words into the Google search box. These are called Keyword Match Types.

We only put the three Match Types that tell Google to run our ad, ONLY IF the searcher puts all the words in our combination of words into Google search. Word order doesn't matter and other words can be in the Search box.

We put all three Keyword Match Types into each Ad Group, because AdWords looks for the best "match" to the words in EACH Google search. AdWords lowers lowers our ad costs, because we cover every possible match.

Most advertiser only put the fourth Match Type called Broad Match. If you put eagle as your Broad Match Keyword, AdWords may run your ad for someone who searched for turkey -- because they're both birds. Often, you're running ads to the wrong people and Google charges you more, because your ad doesn't contain the words people put into search.

When we bid on a PRECISE Ad Group, AdWords sets the bid for all three Match Types to the same value. So when we look at the Ad Groups report, we know exactly what we actually bid for those very specific words. 

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid  If we bid on each Keyword Match Type separately, the simple Ad Group Report becomes misleading and inaccurate. We see the $1.00 Ad Group bid, but don't see the $5.00 Exact Match Type bid which earned the higher Average Ad Position. Bidding on individual Keywords creates a confusing mess and buys very little. I tried it. This is a numbers game. Our goal is to keep our campaign easy to manage.

Bidding on Ad Groups provides accuracy in one simple report.

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How to Bid for Cell Phone Ads

... Keep Reports Simple and Accurate

10 minutes


When someone puts words into Google search, AdWords determines if the searcher is on a computer, tablet or cell phone. Do you want to pay for cell phone ads?

If your Website doesn't work on cell phones, sending these people to your Website wastes money.

If you don't change Device Settings, AdWords runs ads to All Devices by default.

  • Click Campaigns > Campaigns > Your Campaign > Settings
  • Select Device
  • Adjust bids up or down for each Device.

Do NOT adjust bids inside individual Ad Groups.

This distorts and complicates your Ad Group Bid Report. The same bid adjustment should apply to all your Keywords equally anyway.

How to Create a "Call-only Ad"

This ad allows people to click to call you -- they cannot click to your Website. You must have a solid telephone answering system. And you will get unqualified callers, since they don't see your Website.

  • Click +AD. Then click "Call-only ad"
  • Recommend testing this in its own Ad Group, to see if it works for you. If it works, put them in your PRECISE Ad Groups like any other ad.