Smart Bids Make You Money

What words do your best customers put into Google search? How much do you make on each sale? Put your money where it pays back the most. GamePlan shows each bid for very specific word combinations that people put into Google search and the actual position that your ads are running with each bid.

Run Ads More Often with Lower Costs

  • Tune bids looking at actual results. You can't predict how much your competitors bid before you run your ads.
  • Bid Up to Ad Position 4, so your ads run more often -- it doesn't cost much to move up from these lower positions.
  • Bids Above Ad Position 4 are often too expensive. Bid what each customer is worth to your business.
AdWords Tune Bids

Demo - See How GamePlan Works

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Run Ads at Average Ad Position 4

... These Ads Are Cheaper and Run Almost Every Search

Do NOT Bid on Individual Keywords

... Keep It Simple -- Only Bid on Ad Groups

Enter Smart Bids in Minutes

... Apply Your Business Judgement

Don't Bid Against Yourself

... Force AdWords to Run the Ad You Want

Is Google Running Your Ads Every Time?

... Check These Two Items

How to Bid for Cell Phone Ads

... Keep Reports Simple and Accurate