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Test Ads Scientifically in 10 Minutes

GamePlan shows how to test two ads inside one precise Ad Group. You may be surprised which ad your customers like.

  • Both ads show people the same precise words that they just put into Google search. 
  • One ad shows one sales pitch. The other ad shows a different sales pitch. 
  • When more people click on one ad, you know with scientific certainty which ad your customers prefer.
  • Successful ads make money month after month.

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Welcome Member -- These Test Ads Topics show how to test ads fast and scientifically. See step-by-step instructions and strategies. SettingsAd GroupsTune Bids & GamePlan also have Member Topics at the bottom of their pages.

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Test Ads Scientifically

... One Simple Report. Quick Results.

10 minutes


Dramatically increase the number of clicks to your Website and get better customers. GamePlan shows how to save time and get results faster.

Click Campaigns > Your Campaign > Ads & Extensions

  • Click Ads & Extensions on left column.
  • On Ads page, Click Date Range box on top right, the Select All Time or the time since your ads have been running.
  • Click Ad Status under BLUE + on left mid-page. Select All but removed.
  • Now you see all ads that are Enabled (currently running) or Paused -- you may want to pause ads during testing.

Only Run One Ad in Each PRECISE Ad Group -- Except When Testing

  • Click Ad Group label at top of Ad Group column to sort by Ad Group names.
  • Now you see all ads together for each Ad Group
  • Run the ad that has the highest CTR Click Thru Rate.
  • Ads must run at least 200 times (impressions column) for statistical accuracy.

Test Ads in Ad Groups that Run Most Often

  • Get results sooner -- ads must run more that 200 times for statistical accuracy.
  • Go to Ad Groups page and sort by Impressions column (click on Impr at top of column)
  • Click on Ad Group Name that has most impressions to open that Ad Group.
  • Write the new Test Ad inside that Ad Group -- wait for 200+ impressions.
  • Some sales pitches work for many Ad Groups -- Test!

Don't use the pencil to replace the existing Ad

  •  The pencil erases the original ad and you have no record of that ad for statistical analysis. 
  • Click + Ad to write new ad.
  • After each ad has run at least 200 times, remove (delete) loser ad.
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Imagine You're Talking with Your Customer

... You Deliver Winning Sales Pitches Every Day


Here's a Great Way to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

  • You're writing a new test ad for a PRECISE Ad Group.
  • Imagine you're talking with a customer who showed interest in those specific Keywords.
  • What would you say to sell your product to that customer?  You probably tried several sales pitches before you found that this sales pitch worked best.
  • It might help to talk out loud to yourself. Most experts are no longer conscious of how they do things on a routine basis. People might think you're crazy, but this can bring your successful sales pitches to mind.
  • Now, write that sales pitch, plus the keywords into your new test ad.
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Write Ads that Get Clicks from the Right People

... Here Are Some Brainstorming Ideas

  • Put the Ad Group Keywords into the Headline 1 or Headline 2, if there's enough room. These are the same words they just put into search box. People are attracted to their own words.
  • Why do your customers prefer doing business with you, instead of competitors?
  • Are you a local business that gives more personal attention than a national chain?
  • Do a Google search for those keywords. Get ideas from competitor ads. In most cases, the ads you see have made money for their advertisers.
  • Can you solve a problem that your competitors can't solve?
  • Benefits  Don't waste space describing features that you can detail on your Website.
  • Curiosity  Give searcher a tempting reason to click on you ad .. Demo?  Whitepaper?
  • Deals  New Customer? Limited Time?
  • Seasonal solutions.
  • Tell people true benefits that they want to believe.
  • Hot-Button Words   New. Amazing. Free. Demo. Save Time and Money.
  • Formatting
    • Capitalize the first letter of Keywords. Slows eye movement. Focuses attention.
    • Use lowercase for complete sentences or phrases. Easier to read than caps.
    • Punctuation ! (not in Headlines)  ?  &  - grab attention.
  • Call-to-Action at end of Description encourages click. Free White Paper.
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Write Ads to AVOID Clicks from Non-Buyers

... When Keywords Have Several Meanings


Sometimes you need to use Keywords to attract your customers, that also attract people who would never buy your product.

  • Put words into the ad that turn them away without clicking.
  • Keyword=Painter  -- Let them know you're a house painter in the ad, not an artist,
  • Yes, you see a lower CTR Click Thru Rate, but that's not costing you money.
  • You don't want to pay for expensive bad clicks.
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Migrate the Top Ads from Old Campaigns

... Not Accurate, But Good for Brainstorming

15 minutes


Old campaign data is not accurate, because those campaigns didn't have PRECISE Ad Groups or proper Settings. You really don't know the specific words people put into the search box before they clicked on your ads. But those campaigns have valuable information that help your brainstorm new ads.

  • Click Campaigns > Campaigns at top or side of page. Then Select All Campaigns
  • Click Date Range box at top right, then Select All Time.
  • Click the Ads folder.
  • Click Ad Status on left mid-page to Select All Ads.
  • You now see all the ads you ever ran.
  • Click Impr. at top of Impressions column to sort from large numbers to small numbers of times AdWords ran each ad.

Look for ads that have a large number of Impressions and a high CTR Click Thru Rate. Also, look for loser ads to avoid.

You can also look for Sales Pitch words (not Keywords here) that have high CTR.

  • Stay on same Ads folder with Date Range = All Time.
  • Click on BLUE FUNNEL Filter mid page.
  • Then, click Create Filter. Select Ad text = single word. You'll see all the ads that contain that word and their average CTR.

Turn Off Filter When You're Done!

Otherwise, you'll wonder later where your ads disappeared.