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Avoid Costly Corporate Settings

Don't let AdWords sales people set up your ads for you. They don't know your customers like you do.

  • They use standard AdWords settings designed to run big-budget corporate ads. This makes it easy for them to run ads, but it costs you a lot more money.
  • They run high-priced ads to everyone, everywhere at the top of Google Search. You end up with an expensive mess that you can't understand, improve or afford.

GamePlan Settings Precisely Target Your Best Customers

  • Lower Costs Dramatically
  • Select 8 Critical Settings in 30 Minutes
  • Don't Pay for Expensive Ads to the Wrong People
  • See Member Topics listed at the bottom of these demo pages.
  • When you sign up as a Member, you'll see simple step-by-step instructions added to each Member Topic .. everything you need to run successful ads yourself.
  • Click Membership button to Sign UpLog In and Enter the Membership Area.
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These Settings Topics show how to select 8 small business campaign settings. When you sign up as a Member, you'll see step-by-step instructions added under each Topic ... everything you need to run successful ads yourself.  GamePlanAd GroupsTune Bids & Test Ads also have Member Topics at the bottom of their pages.

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Select 8 Critical Small Business Settings

... Avoid Costly Corporate Settings

30 minutes

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Why AdWords Optimizations Do NOT Work for Small Business

... Don't Pay for Expensive Clicks from the Wrong People  

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No AdWords Account?  How to Sign Up.

... How to Use AdWords Telephone Support

30 minutes