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GamePlan Coaching Speeds Progress

Works worldwide.  We talk on the phone as we look at your AdWords program running on your computer. I see what you see. I'll call you to start our session.

We'll set up your AdWords program together with GamePlan. You make the moves, so you'll know how to run successful ads yourself, when we're done. Ask questions and I'll give you choices. You decide what works best for you. Here are some popular options.

  • Sign up for a new AdWords account -- 30 minutes
  • Select Settings and build one Ad Group -- 60 minutes
  • Review campaign after ads run -- 60 minutes

Click Schedule Coaching Button

  • You don't need to decide in advance how long session will last.
  • You'll see available times shown in your own time zone.
  • Pick a convenient time.
  • Enter the phone number you want me to call for our session.
  • You'll get Meeting Confirmation and Reminder emails. 
  • I look forward to working with you soon!  -- Rich Bruns

Please Pay When Our Coaching Session Ends

Most Credit Cards and PayPal


30 Minutes

$ 39.95 USD

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One Hour

$ 79.95 USD

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What Happens Next?


I'll Call You to Start Our Session

To save time, have your AdWords program running when I call. 

No AdWords Account?

I'm happy to help you set up a new account, but it takes about 30 minutes.

Put "AdWords Sign In" Into Google Search Box

Sign up for AdWords, NOT AdWords Express 

AdWords Express gives you little control, expensive clicks and is designed for businesses who do don't have websites.

Your only goal during sign up, is getting your AdWords account approved. Don't worry about the details for now -- you'll build a new GamePlan campaign after you get signed up.

Follow directions. Keep it simple. AdWords wants to know if you have basic computer skills, a functional website landing page and credit card or bank account that pays out $5. They limit risk with a low credit limit to start, then increase it when you show a good payment history.

Write a simple ad. Make sure your Destination URL sends people who click on your ad to the landing page you want.  Open your landing page in a separate window, cut and paste the page URL shown in your browser into the Destination URL box. Do NOT repeat the http:// already shown in the box. This ad doesn't have to be perfect -- pause it after your account is approved.

Call AdWords Phone Support, If You Need Help

Google has excellent phone support to sign up for a new AdWords account and to explain AdWords policies, when your ads are disapproved. Click on Gear Icon in the upper right-hand corner of AdWords page.

Do NOT let Google people change your GamePlan set up.

GamePlan works as an integrated solution. Settings, Ad Groups,Tune Bids and Test Ads work together as a system to lower costs and get customers you want. GamePlan settings makes it easy to Tune Bids and Test Ads scientifically.

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