Run the Right Ads to the Right People

Build each Ad Group the same way. It's easy -- Put ONLY ONE combination of 2 or 3 words = Keywords into each Ad Group, plus your custom sales pitch for those specific words. Run your first ads in a couple hours.

  • Keywords  Which 2 or 3 words do my favorite customers put into the Google search box?
  • Bid  How much are those words worth to my business?
  • Ad  What's my best sales pitch for those words? 

GamePlan lowers your AdWords cost and more people click on your ad, because the ad shows them the same words they just put into Google search, plus your custom sales pitch for those specific words. You don't pay for clicks from the wrong people.

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High Quality Scores Can Double or Triple Your Bid Value

... AdWords Lowers Costs, When You Show People Precisely What They're Looking For

How Keyword Match Types Make You Money

... Precisely Control Who Sees Your Ads and the Ad They See

Build Your First Ad Group in 30 Minutes

... What Are the Most Important  Words That Your Best Customers Put Into Google Search?

... What's Your Best Sales Pitch for Those Words When You Talk with Customers?

Build More PRECISE Ad Groups for Search Words That You Already Know

Build a New Ad Group in 10 Minutes Anytime You Want

3 Ways to Find More Keywords

1 - Build a BROAD Match Ad Group and Bid It Low

2 - Old Campaigns > Not Accurate But Good to Brainstorm

3 - See Related Keywords From Recent Google Searches

Set Negative Keywords

... Handle with Care! Single Words, Only

Build PRECISE City Ad Groups

... How to Cover More Cities with Less Work