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Run the Right Ads to Your Best Customers

GamePlan shows how to precisely target your best customers. Every ad you run shows a customer the same words they just put into Google search plus your custom sales pitch for that specific type of customer.

Put Only One Set of Keywords into Each Ad Group

  • Keywords  Which 2 or 3 words does your customer put into the Google search box?
  • Bid  How much money do you make on each sale?
  • Ad  What sales pitch do they like to hear before they buy?

Precise Ad Groups Lower Ad Costs Dramatically

  • Google lowers your cost per click and you get more clicks, because you show people what they're looking for.
  • You don't pay for clicks from the wrong people.
  • Tune Bids and Test Ads with scientific precision.
  • See Member Topics listed at the bottom of each demo page.
  • Sign up as a Member to see step-by-step instructions for each Member Topic.
  • Click Membership button to Sign UpLog In and Enter the Membership Area.
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These Ad Groups Topics show you how to run the right ads to your best customers. When you sign up as a Member, you'll see step-by-step instructions added under each Topic ... everything you need to run successful ads yourself.  Settings, GamePlanTune Bids & Test Ads also have Member Topics at the bottom of their pages.

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Build Your First PRECISE Ad Group

... Learn 7 Ways to Target Your Customers

30 minutes 

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Build More PRECISE Ad Groups the Same Way

... For Search Words You Already Know

10 minutes each

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3 Ways to Find More Search Keywords

... Build More Ad Groups

10 minutes each

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High Quality Scores Can Double or Triple Your Bid Value

... When You Show People Precisely What They're Looking For

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How Keyword Match Types Make You Money

... Precisely Control Who Sees Your Ads and the Ad They See

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Set Negative Keywords

... Handle with Care! Single Words, Only

10 minutes

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Build PRECISE City Ad Groups

... How to Cover More Cities with Less Work

5 minutes each