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GamePlan Turns Your Customer Knowledge Into Money-Making Ads

The Opportunity   Many people are looking for your products on Google search. You can't afford to give these customers to your competitors.

  • AdWords gives you powerful tools to precisely target your desired customers. But you must know how to play the game.
  • GamePlan plugs your unique customer knowledge into the AdWords program to dramatically lower costs, get customers that make you money and save your valuable time.
  • I designed GamePlan for busy entrepreneurs.

The Challenge   Most AdWords program features are designed to run big-budget corporate campaigns. These confusing features devastate small business budgets. You can't afford to pay for expensive clicks from the wrong people. GamePlan keeps you in control and out of trouble.

Simple and Effective   GamePlan shows the most efficient way to make money. GamePlan makes it easy to learn strategy, run ads, tune bids and improve ads scientifically.

Success   Your work pays off. Many of your competitors will disappear from most searches, because they can't afford their expensive ads. They don't know how to play the game.


Example  I've built GamePlan using ideas that I've learned from working with my coaching customers, professional AdWords training and running my own AdWords campaign.

  • I've increased my Click Thru Rate ten times higher with Ad Testing; lowered my Cost per Click to under $1.00 by Tuning Bids; and my ads run most of the time.
  • I compete against ad agencies that run big-budget corporate ads, bill thousands of dollars a month to run ads and pay over $10 per click.

Everything You Need to Know  If you're good at following instructions, you don't need to pay for coaching. GamePlan Membership shows you everything you need to know to run successful ads yourself.

Speed Progress As a GamePlan Member, you can schedule Coaching Sessions. In one hour, we set up proper Settings and one Ad Group, so you can build more on your own. Some people schedule a follow up review sessions. Whatever works for you. See what Customers say on Main Menu Testimonials.

ASK QUESTIONS  Take advantage of the new Blog and keep up-to-date with the RSS Feed. I want you to confidently run successful ads. 

Looking forward to working with you soon!

Sincerely yours -- Rich Bruns